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Our Process


For a prospective client, it is important to interview reputable contractors and then connect with a preferred builder as early as possible in the building process. The consultation enables a client and builder to determine if they are a good fit for each other and evaluate the client’s initial construction needs. Getting an honest builder involved early in the process is beneficial because the client then has the assistance of the builder’s expertise to help identify and discuss potential obstacles and cost impacts.


The estimating phase is just that, an estimate.  This is a preliminary pricing approach based on square footage, historical knowledge, and other assumptions.  This will provide the client with a range of pricing to help finalize design details and selections.

Budgeting Agreement

Once we have determined that both builder and client are a good fit for each other and the project can be completed within the clients budget, we ask that the client sign a Professional Services Agreement and provide a deposit.  This ensures the client a spot on our schedule and allows us to hone in on the details of the project and tighten our pricing.  We will engage our suppliers and subcontractors for pricing based on the detailed plans and clients selections.  We will work to ensure the architect, builder, and client have a clear understanding and vision of the completed project.

Contract and Financing

Now that we have a more accurate budget for construction, the client and builder will sign the construction contract.  At this point, we will apply for permits with the local municipality.  Depending on the scope of the project, this process can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months.  This is also the time when the client will finalize construction lending.


With permit in hand and financing completed, the excitement can begin.  We pride ourselves in providing solid communication with the clients throughout the build.  We want our clients to be engaged and excited for each milestone that is reached.  We will provide consistent updates on progress and budget reports, as well as meet clients on site to confirm selections and design.

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